Fast Track Adoption

Fast Track Adoption

The Faster, Safer Way to Privately Adopt a Baby

Dr. Susan Burns


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Most couples in the U.S. have to wait up to seven years to adopt an infant domestically--and all the expense and waiting doesn't always result in a successful adoption. Now, rather than relying on slow-paced and expensive adoption agencies, many couples are choosing to privately adopt a child. By eliminating the adoption agency, couples can customize and control their own adoption plan.

Inside this book, couples will learn how becoming proactive in the adoption process may significantly speed up the adoption. Following the Fast Track method, readers will learn how to:

- Establish a budget
- Assemble a professional team
- Obtain an approved home study
- Prepare an effective family profile
- Advertise for and talk to potential birth mothers
- Detect warning signs for frauds and scams
- Be prepared at the hospital

With this book as their guide, potential parents can actively pick their own birth mother. By doing so, couples will save time and money, reduce stress, and, most importantly, find a baby to adopt.


Dr. Susan Burns:

Susan Burns, Psy.D., is an adoptive mother of two and a licensed psychologist with over 17 years of experience helping children and families. Using the Fast Track method, Burns and her husband, Scott, adopted their first baby in October 1997 and their second baby in April 2001. She currently lives with her family in Hawaii.