Opening the Mind's Eye

Opening the Mind's Eye

How Images and Language Teach Us How To See

Ian Robertson


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Ian Robertson has always been fascinated by how the mind makes images, for that awesome power directly and deeply affects our lives. All of us "visualize" the world differently, and how we do so dictates the way we feel, remember, and think--and therefore our health, memory, and creativity. In this lively, accessible and fascinating book, Robertson explains that most of us employ language as a basis for visualization. In effect, we think in words more than in images. The result is an imbalance between the logical and the intuitive, between imagery-based thought and language-based thought. Opening the Mind's Eye is both an enlightening and stimulating explanation of how we "see," and a compelling argument for extending the mind's powers to improve the quality of our lives. Like Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence, it combines insight and application.


Ian Robertson:

Ian Robertson is Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Formerlya scientist at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, where he was a Fellow of Hughes Hall, he is also Visiting Professor at University College, London, with a further appointment in Toronto. One of the world's leading researchers on brain rehabilitation, he has published numerous scholarly books and scientific papers on the subject. His previous book, Mind Sculpture, was published by Fromm.