Take Control of OCD

Take Control of OCD

The Ultimate Guide for Kids with OCD

Bonnie Zucker


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Take Control of OCD is a unique guide just for kids ages 8–14 with obsessive compulsive disorder to help them take control of their disorder and find success in school and in life. Using a cognitive-behavioral therapy method to stress gradual exposure to students' obsessive thinking patterns, the book takes kids step-by-step through a ladder-based process to conquer their fears and demolish their worries.

Focusing on helping kids change their obsessive thoughts, tolerate uncertainty, develop positive self-talk and stress management, advocate for their needs in school, find successful relaxation procedures, and face their fears, the book includes workbook-style pages for kids to complete. By interviewing kids with OCD from across the country, the author offers tons of advice, information, and ideas for students, by students just like them. This handy guidebook is sure to help children with OCD change their behaviors and conquer their worries, discovering a sense of accomplishment and achievement.


Bonnie Zucker:
Bonnie Zucker, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC, where she has helped hundreds of children overcome OCD and anxiety in private practice at Alvord, Baker, & Associates, and at the National Center for the Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety, and Depression. She was named one of Washingtonian Magazine's Top Therapists in the fields of OCD and phobias in 2009.