Measure Twice

Measure Twice

Tips and tricks from the pros to help you avoid the most common DIY disasters

Bryan Baeumler


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Canada’s #1 expert on DIY simplifies Canada’s most common (and avoidable) DIY disasters.

DIY projects seem quick and easy. You start thinking that you’re repairing a crack in the ceiling, and before you know it, you’re tearing out a dividing wall to make space for that new kitchen island. But without careful planning, the right materials and a few pro tips and tricks, you’re more likely to end up with a disaster than a dream home. Luckily Bryan Baeumler has brought his decades of experience to this fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to all of the most common DIY fixes, upgrades, renovations and installations. You’ll learn which materials are worth the splurge and which tools are better left at the hardware store, where to cut corners, and where to spend a little extra time. Above all, he’ll teach you to build it to last, so you can spend less time working on your home and more time enjoying it.


Bryan Baeumler:

BRYAN BAEUMLER has always had a passion for building, and for getting the details right. As a child, he spent his summers building the family cottage alongside his father. Now with Baeumler Quality Construction, he and his team build and/or renovate over 40 homes and cottages each year. A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award-winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada for over seven years on the hit shows House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, Canada's Handyman Challenge and Leave It to Bryan.


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