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Just Desserts

Spanking My Wife for the First Time

Ashley Henry


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How does one become sexually aware? What exactly happens after the threshold of virginity has been crossed? It can be a disappointing thing for some and the greatest thing that ever happened for others. The protagonist in "Curvy Girls Have Fun Too!" goes through a lot of self discovery. She has had a lot of negativity hurled at her and, in the long run, she is very trusting of men and what they want from her. After she meets a guy through her best friend, she is faced with yet another life changing decision. This time it is different because he has been one of the nicer guys that's he has met. Find out what she decides to do and how things take a positive turn.


Ashley Henry:
Ashley Henry grew up in a quiet town in Maine with five brothers and sisters. She lived a quiet life until she discovered that her mother was a porn star, well for her father at least. She just happened to see her father watching one of the homemade videos one day. When she asked about it, they were honest and said that they did it because she was proud of her sexuality and it helped her and her husband to keep the spark alive. Ashley was taught to be open to new things. She carried this with her into adulthood and after completing college she was inspired by her parents to create a story about a girl who was not popular to rise out of that negativity to become more self aware and self confident and to experience love.