Don't Arrest Me!

Don't Arrest Me!

Making Love to Hot Cops

Melinda Dillard


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What happens when a young woman gets arrested for speeding and evading a police officer? "Don't Arrest Me!" takes the reader into a world filled with unexpected twists and turns. The woman ends up being willing to do anything to get out of her predicament. The question is, will the cop take the offer or will he follow the letter of the law which he is bound by. She has money and can do a quick pay off but will that be enough? The author takes the reader on a great journey. It is a story filled with great sexual experiences in unexpected places.


Melinda Dillard:
Melinda Dillard grew up in Austin, Texas. She grew up in a middle income home where the children were encouraged to express their own thoughts and feelings freely. It was no surprise that she ended up doing literary studies in college as she was an avid reader with a great imagination. She loved stories that were filled with intrigue, drama and lots of sex. That is what she started to write about. She based her novels on the experiences of others and those that she herself had had. She expounds on peoples experiences and what it can do to them, how it can change them.