Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Craving Those Curves

Martha Gould


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This is a story about finding true love. Two best friends now roommates have the pleasure of meeting two women who fit their criteria. The question is do these women have what they really want. Are they the full package or just another one night stand? Read the account of what happened through one of the protagonists eyes. How he and his friend found true love and ultimate happiness. Being fat does not mean you shouldn't be confident and strive to fulfill your dreams. The author appeals to the reader that needs to be encouraged, that prefers to read about positive things happening to persons whom you wouldn't expect it to.


Martha Gould:
Martha Gould knew what it was like to be fat. She had been fat all through her teenage years. Somehow she blossomed as an adult and ended up losing a lot of weight. She grew up in a middle income family home in Brooklyn. She went to public schools and through hard work and with her parents support and encouragement, she got a full scholarship to NYU. She graduated with an honors degree in English. As soon as she graduated she started to write. Drawing from what she experienced as a child, her main focus was on big bodied women. She wanted to give them positive experiences in her books and that extended to finding true love. She writes her book for any insecure person out there who needs that extra bit of encouragement.