The village of Wheelchairs

The village of Wheelchairs

Baini , Falco


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Our character, during a dream, is swept into a village where all the inhabitants live in a wheelchair. Initially the belief that this is a health resort, but soon realizes that all live this apparent malaise. Dazed and confused man can not find an explanation as to be considered by the inhabitants of this city as "different". It must undergo a clinical-medical tests that combined with the skills and abilities detected lead to the inevitable judgment labeling it a disability to re-educate. The fantasy story calls into question established certainties. Each of us is reflected in different with their own ideas and until he becomes aware of personal limitations is convinced that the reflected image can only be their own. Each of us has a wealth of experience and unique knowledge that is likely to be enhanced by virtue of prejudices and preconceptions. The acceptance of diversity is a big bet that allows no ifs and buts: equality is an illusion, we are all different and it is this diversity that make us unique.