Rethinking Second Language Learning

Rethinking Second Language Learning

Using Intergenerational Community Resources

Marisa Cordella, Hui Huang


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This book evaluates a project where formal classroom learning of a second language was supplemented with informal, natural interactions with older native speakers of the target language, delivering a number of pedagogical and societal benefits. The authors introduce a model of intergenerational, intercultural encounters which aims to promote the use of community language resources; enrich the experiences of young learners; foster greater understanding between generations; break down cultural stereotypes; encourage appreciation of different cultures and enhance the quality of life and community engagement of older people with a bi/multilingual background. It draws on theories of language acquisition, discourse analysis and psychosocial perspectives to propose a model of language learning for students that can be used for any language or locality. It is therefore an essential resource for graduate students, researchers and language teachers as well as for education, aged and youth care policy makers, practitioners and community services workers who are interested in innovative language pedagogy.


Marisa Cordella:
Marisa Cordella is Associate Professor in Spanish Linguistics at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her research expertise lies in the areas of discourse analysis (e.g. critical discourse analysis, interactional sociolinguistics), intercultural and intergenerational communication, teaching methodologies, medical communication and translation studies. She is the author of two books on discourse analysis and medical communication.

Hui Huang is Lecturer in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics at Monash University, Australia. Her research interests and publications cover the areas of second language acquisition and sociolinguistics, particularly the teaching of Chinese as a second/heritage language, ICT in language teaching, cross-cultural communication and immigrant identity.