World Century Compendium To Tcm - Volume 2: Introduction To Diagnosis In Traditional Chinese Medicine

World Century Compendium To Tcm - Volume 2: Introduction To Diagnosis In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Volume 2: Introduction to Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hong-Zhou Wu, Zhao-Qin Fang, Pan-Ji Cheng, Chou-Ping Han


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The 21st century is the start of an era where people are beginning to look at health and medical care from a different perspective. Understanding the conventional pattern of medical treatment alone has ceased to meet the ever-growing demands of social development, and hence, the trend of exploiting natural therapies has gradually emerged.

Besides turning to Chinese medicine as an option for treatment, increasingly, the principles and practices used in this field have been garnering more interest. This is exactly the reason why this book is compiled. It is our hope that the contents can be of help to the readers to not only understand, but suitably apply Chinese medicine in practice, and thus benefit their health.

  • Introduction to Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  • The Four Diagnostic Methods
  • The Eight Principles
  • Syndrome Differentiation
  • Identification of Common Signs and Symptoms
  • Syndrome Differentiation and Medical Records
  • Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment for Common Conditions

Readership: Medical professionals, both Western medical doctors and TCM practitioners, particularly those practicing in Australia, Europe and America; Chinese medicine educators, clinical and basic Chinese medicine researchers and health science students (particularly Chinese medicine students); herbalists, gerontology researchers, nutritionists, public health specialists (health policy departments in ministries of health and universities); professionals at the World Health Organization and affiliated institutions, and pharmaceutical companies; librarians of TCM professional associations and teaching institutes and the lay reader who either wants general knowledge or wishes to understand how TCM can help a friend, relative or loved one.