The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease

The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease

How to Prevent and Treat Eye Disease Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation

Robert G. Smith, Ph.D., Andrew W. Saul


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This text will be an indispensable tool for people seeking therapeutic, natural help for specific eye diseases as well as those wanting to maintain their healthy eyes later in life.


Robert G. Smith, Ph.D.:
Robert G. Smith, Ph.D., is a research scientist focusing on the function of retinal circuitry and the how and why of neural circuits. Dr. Smith has written many research articles published in scientific journals, has served on review panels for grant applications to the National Institutes for Health, and is a regular attendee at international retina and vision conferences. 

Andrew W. Saul, M.S., Ph.D., is editor-in-chief of the Orthomolecular Medicine NewsService and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Has published more than 180 peer-reviewed articles and has written or coauthored 12 books.