Photonics For Safety And Security

Photonics For Safety And Security

Antonello Cutolo, Anna Grazia Mignani, Antonella Tajani


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This volume aims is to illustrate the state-of-the-art as well as the newest and latest applications of photonics in safety and security. The contributions from renowned and experienced Italian and international scientists, both from the academic and industrial community, present a multidisciplinary and comprehensive overview of this popular topic. The volume is self-contained and offers a broad survey of the various emerging technologies, as well as their applications in the real world. It spans from applications in cultural heritage, to environment, space, monitoring of coasts, quantum cryptography, food industry, medicine and forensic investigations.

Photonics for Safety and Security provides an essential source of reference for a very wide readership, including physicists, chemists, engineers, academics and students who wish to have a complete review of the subject. The topics are carefully defined and widely illustrated so as to capture the attention of neophytes who need to go further into the topic and explore the research literature.

  • What is Photonics? (B Culshaw)
  • Structural Health Monitoring in Buildings, Bridges and Civil Engineering (A Martone, M Zarrelli, M Giordano and J M López-Higuera)
  • Remote Sensing Monitoring (D Riccio)
  • Photonic Technologies for the Safeguarding of Cultural Assets (C Cucci and V Tornari)
  • Raman Based Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Sensors: Industrial Applications and Future Developments (F Di Pasquale, M A Soto and G Bolognini)
  • Photonics for Detection of Chemicals, Drugs and Explosives (A Garibbo and A Palucci)
  • Resonant Hydrophones Based on Coated Fiber Bragg Gratings for Underwater Monitoring (G Quero, A Crescitelli, M Consales, M Pisco, A Cutolo, V Galdi, A Cusano and A Iadicicco)
  • Laser Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications (A Boselli, G Pisani, N Spinelli and X Wang)
  • Non Invasive Techniques for the Diagnosis of Aerospace Devices (F De Filippis, L Savino, A Cipullo and E Marenna)
  • Night Vision (C Corsi)
  • Quantum Cryptography: A Novel Approach to Communication Security (A Porzio)
  • Metamaterials and the Mathematical Science of Invisibility (A Diatta, S Guenneau, A Nicolet and F Zolla)
  • Led Illumination: Illuminotechnical, Optical, Metrological and Safety Issues (F Docchio, L Fumagalli, G Libretti and P Tomassini)
  • Fiber Optic Sensor Technology for Oil and Gas Applications (M Eriksrud and J T Kringlebotn)
  • Photonic Sensors for Food Quality and Safety Assessment (A G Mignani and R Prugger)
  • Optical Biosensing in Medical and Clinical Diagnostics (F Baldini, A Giannetti, S Tombelli and C Trono)
  • Photonics for Forensic Applications (A Tajani)
  • Future Trends (M Varasi)

Readership: Graduates and researchers in the area of photonic sensing devoted to health, environment and homeland security monitoring.