Molecular Imaging Probes For Cancer Research

Molecular Imaging Probes For Cancer Research

Xiaoyuan Chen


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This review volume integrates the advances in cancer biology, molecular imaging techniques and imaging probes for visualization and quantitative measurement of anatomical, functional, and molecular profiles of cancer. The volume also presents a comprehensive summary of the state-of-the-art technology in molecular imaging probe design and applications in radionuclide (PET and SPECT), magnetic resonance (MR), optical (fluorescence, Raman, photoacoustic), ultrasound, CT, and multimodality imaging. Bringing together the fundamentals of molecular imaging, and the basic principles of each molecular imaging modality in this volume, readers' understanding in this field is further enhanced. With a strong emphasis on the chemistry of the design of appropriate molecular imaging probes for early cancer detection, therapy-response monitoring, and anti-cancer drug development, the process of translating novel cancer imaging probes from bench to bedside is extensively discussed.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Cancer Biology (495 KB)

  • Fundamentals of Molecular Imaging:
    • Introduction to Cancer Biology (Ramasamy Paulmurugan)
    • Molecular Imaging Instrumentation (Craig S Levin)
    • Molecular Imaging Data Analysis (F Habte)
    • General Principles of Molecular Imaging Probe Design (Shuanglong Liu, Jelena Levi and Zhen Cheng)
  • Radionuclide Probes for Cancer Research:
    • PET Chemistry (Lixin Lang and Xiaoyuan Chen)
    • Multimeric Cyclic RGD Peptides Useful for Development of Integrin αvβ3-Targeted SPECT Radiotracers (Sudipta Chakraborty and Shuang Liu)
    • PET and SPECT Imaging of Tumor Metabolism (Timothy R DeGrado)
    • PET and SPECT Imaging of Tumor Proliferation (Zhanhong Wu and Fouad Kandeel)
    • Molecular Imaging of Apoptosis in Cancer (Gang Niu and Xiaoyuan Chen)
    • Non-Invasive Imaging of Hypoxia — Challenges and Opportunities (C J Koch and S M Evans)
    • SPECT and PET Imaging of Multidrug Resistance (Anton G T Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Wouter B Nagengast, Thijs H Oude Munnink, Geke A P Hospers, Adrienne H Brouwers, Carolien P Schröder, Marjolijn N Lub-de Hooge and Elisabeth G E de Vries)
    • PET and SPECT Imaging of Tumor Vasculature (Kai Chen and Xiaoyuan Chen)
    • PET and SPECT Reporter Gene Imaging (Shahriar S Yaghoubi)
  • Non-Radionuclide Probes for Cancer Research:
    • Chemistry of Optical Imaging Probes (Q Shao, Y M Yang and B G Xing)
    • Fluorescent Dye Conjugates for Optical Imaging of Cancer (Hao Hong, Yunan Yang and Weibo Cai)
    • Quantum Dot Conjugates for Optical Imaging of Cancer (Zibo Li and Peter S Conti)
    • Activatable Optical Probes for Cancer Imaging (Seulki Lee and Xiaoyuan Chen)
    • Raman Imaging Probes for Cancer Research (Sangyeop Lee, Sang Wook Son, Chil-Hwan Oh, Soon Young Shin, Young Han Lee and Jaebum Choo)
    • Photoacoustic Imaging Probes for Cancer Research (Shai Ashkenazi)
    • Basic Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Hui Mao)
    • T1-Weighted MR Contrast Agents for Cancer Research (Claire Corot, Philippe Robert, Sébastien Ballet, Walter Gonzalez, Jean-Marc Idee, Isabelle Raynal and Marc Port)
    • T2 Weighted MR Contrast Agents for Cancer Research (Gabriella Baio and Carlo Emanuele Neumaier)
    • CEST and PARACEST MRI Contrast Agents for Imaging Cancer Biomarkers (Vipul R Sheth and Mark D Pagel)
    • MRI Reporter Genes for Cancer Research (Bistra Iordanova and Eric T Ahrens)
    • Ultrasound Probes for Imaging Tumor Vasculature (Carlo Emanuele Neumaier and Gabriella Baio)
    • Ultrasound Mediated Drug and Gene Delivery for the Treatment of Solid Tumors (Hilary Hancock and Victor Frenkel)
    • X-ray Computed Tomography Principles and Contrast Agents (Edward E Graves and Magdalena Bazalova)
  • Multimodality Imaging in Cancer Research:
    • Multimodality Instrumentation (Jie Tian)
    • Multifunctional Probes for Multimodality Imaging of Cancer (Gang Liu, Xiaoyuan Chen and Hua Ai)
    • Imaging Cell Trafficking in Cancer Research (L Ottobrini, C Martelli and G Lucignani)
  • Applications of Molecular Cancer Imaging Probes:
    • Molecular Imaging in Early Detection of Cancer (Xin Lin, Jin Xie and Xiaoyuan Chen)
    • PET and SPECT in Cancer Theragnostics (Silvana Del Vecchio)
    • Molecular Imaging in Cancer Drug Development (C Andrew Boswell, Daniela Bumbaca, Cinthia V Pastuskovas, Eduardo E Mundo, Ben Q Shen, Richard A D Carano, Jan Marik, Simon P Williams, Frank-Peter Theil, Paul J Fielder, Nicholas van Bruggen and Leslie A Khawli)
    • Clinical Translation of Molecular Imaging Probes (Steve Y Cho and Martin G Pomper)

Readership: Postgraduates, academics and researchers interested in diagnostic technology in cancer research.