Cyclodextrin Chemistry: Preparation And Application

Cyclodextrin Chemistry: Preparation And Application

Preparation and Application

Zheng-Yu Jin


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Cyclodextrin Chemistry covers the preparation of cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin derivatives (CDs), and their applications in industrial and non-industrial areas. An overall theme in the book is the screening of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (CGTase), the preparation of sugar-branched cyclodextrins and CDs, and the use of CDs for reconstructing various supermolecule systems. The specific content also includes preparation methods, spectroscopy techniques for CDs analysis, and potential applications in food packaging, nutrient fortification, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, chemicals, feed, agriculture, and environment.

It summarizes the research merit of CDs in the past twenty years and also emphasizes hot topics and important areas of cyclodextrin chemistry in the future.

  • Introduction (Jun-Rong Huang, Hai-Ning Zhuang and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Enzymes in Preparing Cyclodextrins (Sheng-Jun Wu, Xiu-Ting Hu, Jin-Moon Kim and Jing Chen)
  • Preparation and Analysis of Cyclodextrin (An-Wei Cheng, Jin-Peng Wang and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Preparation of Branched-Cyclodextrins (Xing Zhou, Yao-Qi Tian and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Preparation and Analysis of Cyclodextrin Derivatives (Chao Yuan, Yu-Xiang Bai and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Basic Application of Cyclodextrins in Supermolecule Chemistry (Tao Feng, Ai-Quan Jiao and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Use of Cyclodextrins in Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries (Yao-Qi Tian, Xing Zhou and Zheng-Yu Jin)
  • Application of Cyclodextrins in Non-industrial Areas (Xue-Hong Li and Zheng-Yu Jin)

Readership: Researchers and technicians in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries, as well as in non-industry areas such as agriculture and environmental engineering, supermolecule and analytical chemistry. Key Features:
  • The book describes basic knowledge and a number of specific preparation methods of cyclodextrin derivatives (CDs) from research that will be invaluable to researchers and technicians in the field
  • It is the first book in the international market focusing on the screening of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (CGTase) and systematic preparation of sugar-branched cyclodextrin and cyclodextrin derivatives (Cds)