Biomolecular Forms And Functions: A Celebration Of 50 Years Of The Ramachandran Map

Biomolecular Forms And Functions: A Celebration Of 50 Years Of The Ramachandran Map

A Celebration of 50 Years of the Ramachandran Map

Manju Bansal, N Srinivasan


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Understanding the functions and properties of molecules in living systems requires a detailed knowledge of their three-dimensional structures and the conformational variability that allows them to adopt multiple functional forms. Interpreting biological systems in the language of three-dimensional structures is of fundamental importance and innumerable research groups around the world are working in this area. This book is a compilation of articles describing attempts at understanding the intricacies of biological systems through the structures of and interactions between their constituent molecules.

  • The Legacy of G N Ramachandran and the Development of Structural Biology in India (M Vijayan)
  • The Open-Ended Intellectual Legacy of GNR (George Rose)
  • The Ramachandran Plot and Protein Structure Validation (Roman A Laskowski, Nicholas Furnham and Janet M Thornton)
  • Analysis of Dihedral Angle Variability in Related Protein Structures (Shekhar C Mande, Ashwani Kumar and Payel Ghosh)
  • Multiprotein Assemblies: Modulating Cell Activity Through Targeting Protein-Protein Interfaces (Alicia P Higueruelo, Harry Jubb and Tom L Blundell)
  • Computational Approaches for Understanding the Recognition Mechanism of Protein Complexes (M Michael Gromiha)
  • Cold-Shock Domains — Versatile Molecular Modules for Single-Stranded RNA Binding and Remodeling (Florian Mayr and Udo Heinemann)
  • Protein Disulfide Analysis and Design (Siddharth Patel, S Indu, C Ramakrishnan and Raghavan Varadarajan)
  • Controlling Conformational Dynamics to Modulate Protein Function (Shahir S Rizk, Marcin Paduch and Anthony A Kossiakoff)
  • Structural Bioinformatics Approaches for Deciphering Biosynthetic Code of Secondary Metabolites (Shradha Khater and Debasisa Mohanty)
  • The Inherent Structure Landscape of Met–Enkephalin Determined by the MOLS Technique (N Balaji, L Ramya and N Gautham)
  • and other papers

Readership: Practicing researchers in academia and industry.