Ultrasonic Micro/nano Manipulations: Principles And Examples

Ultrasonic Micro/nano Manipulations: Principles And Examples

Principles and Examples

Junhui Hu


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Demands for high-performance micro/nano manipulations, from the manufacture of microelectronic and photonic devices, biomedical apparatus, nanoscience and nanotechnology, renewable energy, environment protection, and high-end appliances, have been rapidly increasing in recent years. However, there are very few books on ultrasonic manipulation technology, which is one of the important means in micro/nano manipulations.

This unique title gives the basic physical principles of ultrasonic micro/nano manipulations, and highlights methods of implementing these principles. The nonlinear effects of ultrasound are described in details after piezoelectric transduction and acoustic field are introduced and discussed. Numerous important examples are given in this book, to help readers better understand the applications of these principles and characteristics of ultrasonic manipulators utilizing these principles. The examples cover the manipulations of micro solids, nanoscale entities, droplets and microfluid.

This indispensable book will contribute positively to the development and application of micro/nano manipulation technology.

  • Introduction
  • Physics in Ultrasonic Micro/Nano Manipulations
  • Ultrasonic Trapping of Micro Solids
  • Ultrasonic Extraction, Driving and Removal of Micro Solids
  • Ultrasonic Manipulations of Nanoscale Entities
  • Ultrasonic Microfluidic Manipulations
  • Concluding Remarks

Readership: Researchers, academics and graduate students in mechanical engineering, applied physics, electrical & electronic engineering, nanofabrication & nanomanipulation.