Principles Of Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Principles Of Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Wichert


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In this book, we introduce quantum computation and its application to AI. We highlight problem solving and knowledge representation framework. Based on information theory, we cover two main principles of quantum computation — Quantum Fourier transform and Grover search. Then, we indicate how these two principles can be applied to problem solving and finally present a general model of a quantum computer that is based on production systems.

  • Introduction
  • Computation
  • Problem Solving
  • Information
  • Reversible Algorithms
  • Probability
  • Introduction to Quantum Physics
  • Computation with Qubits
  • Periodicity
  • Search
  • Quantum Problem-Solving
  • Quantum Cognition
  • Related Approaches

Readership: Professionals, academics, researchers and graduate students in artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, quantum physics and computational physics.