Cooling Of Microelectronic And Nanoelectronic Equipment: Advances And Emerging Research

Cooling Of Microelectronic And Nanoelectronic Equipment: Advances And Emerging Research

Advances and Emerging Research

Advances and Emerging Research, Karl J L Geisler, Bahgat Sammakia


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To celebrate Professor Avi Bar-Cohen's 65th birthday, this unique volume is a collection of recent advances and emerging research from various luminaries and experts in the field. Cutting-edge technologies and research related to thermal management and thermal packaging of micro- and nanoelectronics are covered, including enhanced heat transfer, heat sinks, liquid cooling, phase change materials, synthetic jets, computational heat transfer, electronics reliability, 3D packaging, thermoelectrics, data centers, and solid state lighting.

This book can be used by researchers and practitioners of thermal engineering to gain insight into next generation thermal packaging solutions. It is an excellent reference text for graduate-level courses in heat transfer and electronics packaging.

  • A Review of Cooling Road Maps for 3D Chip Packages (Dereje Agonafer)
  • Thermal Performance Mapping of Direct Liquid Cooled 3D Chip Stacks (Karl J L Geisler and Avram Bar-Cohen)
  • Dynamic Thermal Management Considering Accurate Temperature-Leakage Interdependency (Bing Shi and Ankur Srivastava)
  • Energy Reduction and Performance Maximization Through Improved Cooling (David Copeland)
  • Optimal Choice of Heat Sinks from an Industrial Point of View (Clemens J M Lasance)
  • Synthetic Jets for Heat Transfer Augmentation in Microelectronics Systems (Mehmet Arik and Enes Tamdogan)
  • Recent Advance in Thermoelectric Devices for Electronics Cooling (Peng Wang)
  • Energy Efficient Solid-State Cooling for Hot Spot Removal (Kazuaki Yazawa, Andrei Fedorov, Yogendra Joshi and Ali Shakouri)
  • An Overview of the Use of Phase Change Materials for the Thermal Management of Transient Portable Electronics: Benefits and Challenges (Amy S Fleischer)
  • Estimation of Cooling Performance of Phase Change Material (PCM) Module (Masaru Ishizuka and Tomoyuki Hatakeyama)
  • Optimization Under Uncertainty for Electronics Cooling Design (Karthik K Bodla, Jayathi Y Murthy and Suresh V Garimella)
  • Hydrophilic CNT-Sintered Copper Composite Wick for Enhanced Cooling (Glen A Powell, Anuradha Bulusu, Justin A Weibel, Sungwon S Kim, Suresh V Garimella and Timothy S Fisher)
  • A Cabinet Level Thermal Test Vehicle to Evaluate Hybrid Double-Sided Cooling Schemes (Qihong Nie and Yogendra Joshi)
  • Energy Efficiency and Reliability Risk Mitigation of Data Centers Through Prognostics and Health Management (Jun Dai, Michael Ohadi and Michael Pecht)
  • Damage Pre-Cursors Based Assessment of Accrued Thermomechanical Damage and Remaining Useful Life in Field Deployed Electronics (Pradeep Lall, Mahendra Harsha, Kai Goebel and Jim Jones)
  • Towards Embedded Cooling — Gen 3 Thermal Packaging Technology (Avram Bar-Cohen)

Readership: Researchers, practitioners, and postgraduates in mechanical engineering, nanoelectronics, computer engineering, and electrical & electronic engineering.