Frontiers In Electronics: Advanced Modeling Of Nanoscale Electron Devices

Frontiers In Electronics: Advanced Modeling Of Nanoscale Electron Devices

Advanced Modeling of Nanoscale Electron Devices

Benjamin Iñiguez, Tor A Fjeldly


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This book consists of four chapters to address at different modeling levels for different nanoscale MOS structures (Single- and Multi-Gate MOSFETs). The collection of these chapters in the book are attempted to provide a comprehensive coverage on the different levels of electrostatics and transport modeling for these devices, and relationships between them. In particular, the issue of quantum transport approaches, analytical predictive 2D/3D modeling and design-oriented compact modeling. It should be of interests to researchers working on modeling at any level, to provide them with a clear explanation of theapproaches used and the links with modeling techniques for either higher or lower levels.

  • Monte-Carlo Simulation of Ultra-Thin Film Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs (F Gámiz, C Sampedro, L Donetti and A Godoy)
  • Analytical Models and Electrical Characterisation of Advanced MOSFETs in the Quasi-Ballistic Regime (R Clerc and G Ghibaudo)
  • Physics Based Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale Multigate MOSFETs (T A Fjeldly and U Monga)
  • Compact Modeling of Double and Tri-Gate MOSFETs (B Iñiguez, R Ritzenthaler and F Lime)

Readership: Scientists, engineers, research leaders, and even investors interested in microelectronics, nanoelectronics, and optoelectronics. It is also recommended to graduate students working in these fields.