Antioxidants And Stem Cells For Coronary Heart Disease

Antioxidants And Stem Cells For Coronary Heart Disease

Philip B Oliva


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This book covers two known controversial topics — antioxidants and stem cells as therapies to treat coronary heart disease. Aiming to provide college-educated but not scientifically trained readership with a wealth of information about these two cutting-edge technologies, Antioxidants and Stem Cells for Coronary Heart Disease is written with minimum scientific terminology. Basic science studies and clinical trials regarding stem cells and antioxidants are discussed and peppered with anecdotes to make them understandable and entertaining to the laymen.

  • Part I:
    • The French Paradox
    • LDL Oxidation — Briefly
    • Acetylation of LDL
    • Free Radicals
    • The Oxygen Paradox
    • Retrolental Fibroplasia from 1956 to 1972: The Quiet Time
    • The Second Epidemic of Retrolental Fibroplasia: 1972–20??
    • Cytokines and Chemokines
    • LDL Oxidation by Free Radicals — In Detail
    • Two Other Ways to Oxidize LDL: Lipoxygenase and Nitric Oxide
    • What is the Raison d'être for Oxidized LDL?
    • Fatty Streaks and Foam Cells
    • Embryonic Stem Cells
    • Adult Stem Cells
    • Transgenic Mice
  • Part II:
    • Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease with Antioxidants: An Introduction
    • The Mediterranean Diet
    • Acute Myocardial Infarctions in Japan and Norway from 1910 to 1950
    • Wine, Beer, and Spirits as Antioxidants
    • A Perspective on Antioxidant Vitamins for the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease
    • Vitamin A
    • The Thalidomide Saga
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Do Combinations of Antioxidant Vitamins Work Better than Individual Vitamins in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease?
    • A Requiem
    • Molecular Markers, Reporter Genes and Suicide Genes
    • Stem Cells for the Heart: Hype or Hope?
    • The Prizefight
    • Brainbow
    • Cre/Lox: A Cut-and-Paste Method of Gene Swapping Without a Mac or PC and a New Scientific Term with Vast Significance
    • Bacteriophage, Transgenic Mice and Transgenic Marmosets
    • Phage Geometry and Soccer Balls
    • Euler's Formula
    • E = mc2 and Einstein's Brain
    • The Manhattan Project and Its Connection with Albert Einstein
    • A Gadget, a Little Boy and a Fat Man
    • Camillo Golgi and Santiago Ramón Y Cajal: Bitter Rivals to The End

Readership: College-educated general public and non-scientists who are interested in the topic of antioxidants and stem cells.