Evolution Of Language, The - Proceedings Of The 10th International Conference (Evolang X)

Evolution Of Language, The - Proceedings Of The 10th International Conference (Evolang X)

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference

Erica A Cartmill, Seán Roberts, Heidi Lyn, Hannah Cornish


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This volume comprises refereed papers and abstracts of the 10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language (EVOLANGX), held in Vienna on 14–17th April 2014. As the leading international conference in the field, the biennial EVOLANG meeting is characterised by an invigorating, multidisciplinary approach to the origins and evolution of human language, and brings together researchers from many subject areas, including anthropology, archaeology, biology, cognitive science, computer science, genetics, linguistics, neuroscience, palaeontology, primatology and psychology.

For this 10th conference, the proceedings will include a special perspectives section featuring prominent researchers reflecting on the history of the conference and its impact on the field of language evolution since the inaugural EVOLANG conference in 1996.

  • Diachronic Processes in Language as Signaling Under Conflicting Interests (Christopher Ahern and Robin Clark)
  • Syntactic Development in Phenotypic Space (Lluís Barceló-Coblijn and Antoni Gomila Benejam)
  • Linguistic Animals: Understanding Language Through a Comparative Approach (Piera Filippi)
  • Social Interaction Influences the Evolution of Cognitive Biases for Language (Seán G Roberts, Bill Thompson and Kenny Smith)
  • Symbol Extension and Meaning Generation in Cultural Evolution for Displaced Communication (Kaori Tamura and Takashi Hashimoto)
  • The Origins of Combinatorial Communication (Richard A Blythe and Thomas C Scott-Phillips)
  • Social Origins of Rhythm? Synchrony and Temporal Regularity in Human Vocalization (Daniel L Bowling, Christian T Herbst and W Tecumseh Fitch)
  • The Effect of Pitch Enhancement on Spoken Language Acquisition (Piera Filippi, Bruno Gingras and W Tecumseh Fitch)
  • Bow-and-Arrow Technology: Mapping Human Cognition and Perhaps Language Evolution (Alexandra Regina Kratschmer, Miriam Noël Haidle and Marlize Lombard)
  • The Cognitive Underspinnings of Metaphor as the Driving Force of Language Evolution (Andrew D M Smith and Stefan H Höfler)
  • Model Fitting and Prediction for Language Evolution (Bill Thompson and Vanessa Ferdinand)
  • and other papers

Readership: Graduate students, academics and researchers working on the evolution of language, artificial intelligence, genetics and psychology.