Fiber Amplifiers And Fiber Lasers

Fiber Amplifiers And Fiber Lasers

Niloy K Dutta


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This invaluable book provides a comprehensive treatment of design and applications of rare-earth-doped fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers. Optical fiber amplifier is an important component for optical communication systems. It has applications as pre-amplifiers, post-amplifiers, and repeater amplifiers in evolving optical networks. Optical fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers are also important for high power industrial applications and sensors. The applications of fiber amplifiers were first studied in the late 1980's, since then the diversity and scope of such applications have been steadily growing.

Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers is self-contained and unified in presentation. It can be used as an advanced text by graduate students and by practicing engineers. It is also suitable for non-experts who wish to have an overview of fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers. The treatments in the book are detailed enough to capture the interest of curious readers and are complete enough to provide the necessary background to explore the subject further.

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Absorption and Emission in Rare Earths
  • Amplifier Fiber Fabrication
  • Amplifier Design — Model and Results
  • Amplifier Dynamic Characteristics
  • High Power Amplifiers
  • Pump Laser
  • Transmission System Application
  • Nonlinear Effects
  • Planar Waveguide Amplifiers and Lasers
  • Fiber Laser
  • Fiber Raman Lasers and Amplifiers
  • Mode Locked Pulse Generation

Readership: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Physics and Electrical Engineering, practicing engineers, and non-experts interested in all-optical network technologies.
Key Features:
  • Addresses important issues regarding the WTO and the world trade law
  • Discusses the law of world trade and its relation to questions of sustainable development and social justice