Lessons From The Disturbed Waters: The Diaoyu/diaoyutai/senkaku Islands Disputes

Lessons From The Disturbed Waters: The Diaoyu/diaoyutai/senkaku Islands Disputes

The Diaoyu/Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands Disputes

Hui-Yi Katherine Tseng


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Although the flare-up of tensions in East Asia over the disputed islands, which are alternatively called Diaoyu (China), Diaoyutai (Taiwan) and Senkaku (Japan), seems to be ever more frequent, it has not always been the case. Lessons from the Disturbed Waters traces the origin of the issue back to when it first surfaced in the 1970s. The book explains the positions of the claimants, China, Japan and Taiwan, and explores the reasons why they have taken such positions over the past few decades. Unlike the other books which analyse the disputes predominantly from a geopolitical perspective, this books tries to do so mainly from the perspectives of international law, conflict management, negotiation strategies, and history. Readers will get to see an interesting dynamism played out among the three actors which are directly involved and the influence of extra-regional stakeholders such as the US over the disputes. While the disputes are still evolving, the author hopes this book can shed new light on the intricacies and complexities of the disputes and can provide some threads for further in-depth discussions.

  • Introduction
  • China's Positions:
    • China's Positions
    • Historical Arguments
    • Issue-Linkage with Taiwan
    • Challenges to Fishing in the East China Sea
  • Issues with Other Claimants' Positions:
    • The Sovereignty Myth
    • Japan's Positions
  • Issues and Challenges on the Sea:
    • China's Law Enforcement Agency on the Sea
    • Re-Contemplation from the View of Conflict Management
  • Other Emerging Challenges:
    • Epilogue

Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students, academics, researchers, foreign affairs analysts, and readers interested in East Asia's maritime territorial disputes.
Key Features:
  • Analyzes the Diaoyu/Diaoyutai/Senkaku disputes from new angles, with special emphasis on the roles of international law, conflict management, and negotiation strategies and practices
  • Challenges traditional perceptions or understandings of important concepts such as sovereignty, identity, and history with regards to the Diaoyu/Diaoyutai/Senkaku disputes
  • Sheds new light on an emerging form of international dispute settlement and regional and international cooperation model for territorial water disputes in East and Southeast Asia