Nuclear Physics And Gamma-ray Sources For Nuclear Security And Nonproliferation - Proceedings Of The International Symposium

Nuclear Physics And Gamma-ray Sources For Nuclear Security And Nonproliferation - Proceedings Of The International Symposium

Proceedings of the International Symposium

Takehito Hayakawa, Masao Senzaki, Paul Bolton, Ryoichi Hajima, Michio Seya


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Nuclear nonproliferation is a critical global issue. A key technological challenge to ensuring nuclear nonproliferation and security is the detection of long-lived radioisotopes and fissionable nuclides in a non-destructive manner. This technological challenge requires new methods for detecting relevant nuclides and the development of new quantum-beam sources. For example, one new method that has been proposed and studied is nuclear resonance fluorescence with energy-tunable, monochromatic gamma-rays generated by Compton scattering of laser photons with electrons.

The development of new methods requires the help of researchers from a wide range of fields, such as nuclear physics, accelerator physics, laser physics, etc. Furthermore, any new method must be compatible with the requirements of administrators and nuclear-material inspectors.

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  • Oral Presentations:
    • Nuclear Science and Applications with the Next Generation of High-Power Lasers and Brilliant Low-Energy Gamma Beams at ELI-NP (S Gales)
    • New Non-Intrusive Inspection Technologies for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (R J Ledoux)
    • Development of Gamma-Ray Nondestructive Detection and Assay Systems for Nuclear Safeguards and Security at JAEA (R Hajima)
    • Photonuclear Reaction Studies at HIγS: Developing the Science of Remote Detection of Nuclear Materials (C R Howell)
    • Dipole Strength Around the Particle Threshold (D Savran)
    • Resonant Photonuclear Reactions for Neutrino Nuclear Responses and Nuclear Isotope Detections (H Ejiri)
    • Non-Destructive Testing for Control of Radioactive Waste Package (S Plumeri and F Carrel)
    • Development of First Responders Equipment at RN Incident Sites (K Tsuchiya et al.)
    • Compact Short-Pulsed Electron Linac Based Neutron Sources for Precise Nuclear Material Analysis (M Uesaka et al.)
    • Laser-Driven Plasma Deceleration of Electron Beams for Compact Photon Sources (J-L Vay et al.)
    • Advanced Laser-Compton Gamma-Ray Sources for Nuclear Materials Detection, Assay and Imaging (C P J Barty)
    • Compact Gamma-Beam Source for Nuclear Security Technologies (P Gladkikh and J Urakawa)
    • Developments of Optical Resonators and Optical Recirculators for Compton X/γ Ray Machines (A Martens)
    • Low-Lying “Pygmy” Dipole Resonances and Strength Functions (V Werner et al.)
    • NRF-Based NDA of Nuclear Material Using Monochromatic γ-Ray Beam (T Shizuma et al.)
    • Improving the Assay of 239Pu in Spent and Melted Fuel Using the Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Integral Resonance Transmission Method (C T Angell et al.)
    • Laser Compton Scattering Gamma-Ray Beam Source at NewSUBARU Storage Ring (S Miyamoto et al.)
    • Energy Calibration of Electron and Gamma-Ray Beams at NewSUBARU-GACKO (T Shima and H Utsunomiya)
    • A Paradigm for the Nondestructive Assay of Spent Fuel Assemblies and Similar Large Objects, with Emphasis on the Role of Photon-Based Techniques (A M Bolind)
    • Medium Modification of α Cluster Size in 6Li (T Yamagata et al.)
    • Noninvasive Reactor Imaging Using Cosmic-Ray Muons (H Miyadera et al.)
    • Compton Radiation for Nuclear Waste Management and Transmutation (E Bulyak and J Urakawa)
    • Compact Intense Neutron Generators Based on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement of D-D Fusion Plasmas (K Masuda et al.)
    • NRF Based Nondestructive Inspection System for SNM by Using Laser-Compton-Backscattering Gamma-Rays (H Ohgaki et al.)
    • Development of Measurement Methods for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials Using D-D Pulsed Neutron Source (T Misawa et al.)
    • SOFIA, a Next-Generation Facility for Fission Yields Measurements and Fission Study. First Results and Perspectives (L Audouin et al.)
    • Present Status of Nuclear Data for Nuclear Nonproliferation (M Igashira)
    • Development of the Experimental Photo-Nuclear Reaction Database in Hokkaido University (A Makinaga)
    • Laser-Compton Scattering Photon Beams and Other Gamma-Ray Sources: Project for Coherent Gamma-Ray Source on Basis of Femtosecond Laser at ILC MSU (V G Nedorezov and A B Savelév)
    • Laser Driven Ion Acceleration Study in JAEA (K Kondo)
    • Status of New JENDL Photonuclear Data File (K Kosako et al.)
    • Nuclear Research with Eγ≤15 MeV Photons (C Rangacharyulu)
    • IRIDE: Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure Based on Dual Electron Linac and Laser (M Ferrario)
  • Poster Presentations:
    • A Study of the Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Reaction Yield Dependence on the Target Thickness of 208PB (H Negm et al.)
    • Photodisintegration Reactions with Linear Polarized γ-Ray Beam (T Hayakawa et al.)
    • Test Experiment of γ-Ray Diffraction for Crystal Monochromators (S Matsuba et al.)
    • Overview of Laser Compton-scattered Photon Source at the cERL (R Nagai et al.)
    • Development of a High-Brightness and High-Current Electron Gun for High-Flux γ-Ray Generation (N Nishimori et al.)
    • Design of ERL Spoke Cavity for Non-Destructive Assay Research (M Sawamura et al.)
    • Measurements of Cosmic-Ray Muon-Capture X-Rays and Its Application to Nuclear Material Detection (Y Shimbara et al.)
    • Active Neutron-Based Interrogation System with D-D Neutron Source for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials (Y Takahashi et al.)
  • Closing Summary:
    • Summary Comments: Nuclear Physics and Gamma-Ray Sources for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (C P J Barty)

Readership: Researchers and professionals in the field of nuclear physics.