Advances In Multi-photon Processes And Spectroscopy, Volume 22

Advances In Multi-photon Processes And Spectroscopy, Volume 22

(Volume 22)

S H Lin, A A Villaeys, Y Fujimura


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This volume presents the recent progress and perspective in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy of atoms, ions, molecules and solids. The subjects in the series cover the experimental and theoretical investigations in the interdisciplinary research fields of natural science including chemistry, physics, bioscience and material science.

  • Theoretical Foundations for Exploring Quantum Optimal Control of Molecules (Tak-San Ho, Herschel Rabitz and Shih-I Chu)
  • Intramolecular Nuclear Flux Densities (I Barth, C Daniel, E Gindensperger, J Manz, J F Pérez-Torres, A Schild, C Stemmle, D Sulzer and Y Yang)
  • Femtosecond Structural Study of Reacting Excited-State Molecules Through Observation of Nuclear Wavepacket Motions (Satoshi Takeuchi and Tahei Tahara)
  • Study of Water Interfaces with Phase-Sensitive Sum Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy (Chuanshan Tian)
  • Magneto-Chiral Dichroism of Organic Compounds (Yuichi Kitagawa and Kazuyuki Ishii)

Readership: Chemists, physicists, biologists, material scientists and postgraduates studying multiphoton processes and multiphoton spectroscopy of atoms, molecules and ions.
Key Features:
  • The volume contains new findings and interpretation in multi-photon processes and multi-photon spectroscopy in broad areas of natural science
  • Each chapter is written in a self-contained manner so that readers can grasp the knowledge without too much preparation
  • The volume is a series of the long-run reviews for twenty years since the first volume has been published