Handbook Of Solid State Batteries (Second Edition)

Handbook Of Solid State Batteries (Second Edition)

Nancy J Dudney, William C West, Jagjit Nanda


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Solid-state batteries hold the promise of providing energy storage with high volumetric and gravimetric energy densities at high power densities, yet with far less safety issues relative to those associated with conventional liquid or gel-based lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries are envisioned to be useful for a broad spectrum of energy storage applications, including powering automobiles and portable electronic devices, as well as stationary storage and load-leveling of renewably generated energy.

This comprehensive handbook covers a wide range of topics related to solid-state batteries, including advanced enabling characterization techniques, fundamentals of solid-state systems, novel solid electrolyte systems, interfaces, cell-level studies, and three-dimensional architectures. It is directed at physicists, chemists, materials scientists, electrochemists, electrical engineers, battery technologists, and evaluators of present and future generations of power sources. This handbook serves as a reference text providing state-of-the-art reviews on solid-state battery technologies, as well as providing insights into likely future developments in the field. It is extensively annotated with comprehensive references useful to the student and practitioners in the field.

  • Enabling Techniques and Fundamentals of Solid State Systems:
    • Fundamental Aspects of Ion Transport in Solid Electrolytes (S R Narayanan, Aswin K Manohar and B V Ratnakumar)
    • In Situ Neutron Techniques for Lithium Ion and Solid State Rechargeable Batteries (Yuping He and Howard Wang)
    • Synchrotron X-ray Based Operando Studies of Atomic and Electronic Structure in Batteries (Faisal M Alamgir and Samson Y Lai)
    • Analytical Electron Microscopy — Study of All-Solid-State Batteries (Ziying Wang and Shirley Meng)
    • Li-ion Dynamics in Solids as Seen via Relaxation NMR (Viktor Epp and Martin Wilkening)
    • Crystalline Inorganic Solid Electrolytes: Computer Simulations and Comparisons with Experiment (M D Johannes and N A W Holzwarth)
  • Novel Solid Electrolyte Systems and Interfaces:
    • Designing Solid Polymer Composite Electrolytes for Facile Lithium Transport and Mechanical Strength (Wyatt E Tenhaeff and Sergiy Kalnaus)
    • Fluoride-Ion Conductors (Munnangi Anji Reddy and Maximilian Fichtner)
    • Thin Film Lithium Electrolytes (Jea Cho, Jane P Chang, Amy Prieto and Nancy Dudney)
    • Solid Electrode-Inorganic Solid Electrolyte Interface for Advanced All-Solid-State Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (Yasutoshi Iriyama and Zempachi Ogumi)
    • Crystalline Sulfide Electrolytes for Li-S Batteries (Gayatri Sahu and Chengdu Liang)
    • Super-ionic Conducting Oxide Electrolytes (Jeff Sakamoto)
    • Interface of 4 V Cathodes with Sulfide Electrolytes (Kazunori Takada)
    • Glass and Glass-Ceramic Sulfide and Oxy-Sulfide Solid Electrolytes (Steve W Martin)
    • Crystalline Polymer Electrolytes (Yuri G Andreev, Chuhong Zhang and Peter G Bruce)
    • Polymer Electrolytes (Sabina Abbrent, Steve Greenbaum, Diana Golodnitsky and Emanuel Peled)
  • Devices and 3D Architectures:
    • All Solid-State Thin Film Batteries (Jie Song and William West)
    • Advancing Conversion Electrode Reversibility with Bulk Solid-State Batteries (Thomas A Yersak and Se-Hee Lee)
    • Structural Batteries, Capacitors and Supercapacitors (J F Snyder, D J O'Brien and E D Wetzel)
    • Three Dimensional Batteries (Nicolas Cirigliano and Bruce Dunn)
    • Electrochemical Simulations of 3D-Battery Architectures (Vahur Zadin and Daniel Brandell)
    • Silver Ion Conducting Electrolytes and Silver Solid State Batteries (Kevin Kirshenbaum, Roberta A DiLeo, Kenneth J Takeuchi, Amy C Marschilok and Esther S Takeuchi)

Readership: Scientists, technologists, and students in the fields of electrochemistry, condensed matter physics, chemistry, and materials science.