Experimental Approaches For The Investigation Of Innate Immunity: The Human Innate Immunity Handbook

Experimental Approaches For The Investigation Of Innate Immunity: The Human Innate Immunity Handbook

The Human Innate Immunity Handbook

Ruth R Montgomery, Richard Bucala


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The recent explosion of information in innate immune pathways for recognition, effect or responses, and genetic regulation has given impetus to investigations into analogous pathways in the human immune response, which in turn has produced attendant insights into both normal physiology and immunopathology. This volume presents a compendium of methods and protocols for the investigation of human innate immunity with application to the study of normal immune function, immunosenescence, autoimmunity and infectious diseases. Among the topics covered are quantitative flow cytometry for Toll-like receptor expression and function; multidimensional single cell mass cytometry (CyTOF) in complex immune interactions and tumor immunity; imaging techniques such as Imagestream high resolution microscopy coupled to flow cytometry, immune cell infiltration of organotypic, biomimetic organs; high-throughput single cell secretion profiling; multiplexed transcriptomic profiling; microsatellite and microRNA methodologies, RNA interference; and the latest bioinformatics and biostatistical methodologies, including in-depth statistical modeling, genetic mapping, and systems approaches.

  • Assessment of Toll-Like Receptor Expression and Function by Flow Cytometry (Subhasis Mohanty and Albert C Shaw)
  • Dissecting Complex Cellular Systems with High Dimensional Single Cell Mass Cytometry (Mikael Roussel, Allison R Greenplate and Jonathan M Irish)
  • CyTOF: Single Cell Mass Cytometry for Evaluation of Complex Innate Cellular Phenotypes (Dara M Strauss-Albee and Catherine A Blish)
  • High-Throughput Secretomic Analysis of Single Cells to Assess Functional Cellular Heterogeneity (Kathryn Miller-Jensen and Rong Fan)
  • Analysis of Tissue Microenvironments Using Decellularized Mammalian Tissues (Huanxing Sun, Yangyang Zhu and Erica L Herzog)
  • Defining Innate Immune Pathways with Targeted RNAi Silencing (Feng Qian)
  • ImageStream Methodologies for Flow Cytometry with High Resolution Microscopy (William J Housley and Ewa Menet)
  • First Responders: Laboratory Methods to Assess Human Neutrophils (Jose Thekkiniath, Yi Yao and Ruth R Montgomery)
  • Multiplexed Transcriptomic Profiling Using Color-Coded Probe Pairs (Adrian K Wyllie and Jose D Herazo-Maya)
  • Statistical Analysis of Human Immunologic Studies: Mixed Effects Modeling (Heather G Allore and Mark Trentalange)
  • Systems Approaches to Autoimmune Diseases (Wan-Uk Kim, Sungyong You and Daehee Hwang)
  • Genetic Mapping of Human Immune System Function (Arpita Singh and Chris Cotsapas)

Readership: Immunologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, biomedical scientists, geneticists and physicians.