Exotic Nuclei: Exon-2014 - Proceedings Of International Symposium

Exotic Nuclei: Exon-2014 - Proceedings Of International Symposium

EXON-2014 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei

Yu E Penionzhkevich, Yu G Sobolev


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The production and the properties of nuclei in extreme conditions, such as high isospin, temperature, angular momenta, large deformations etc., have become the subject of detailed investigations in all scientific centers. The main topics discussed at the Symposium were: Synthesis and Properties of Exotic Nuclei; Superheavy Elements; Rare Processes, Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Decays; Experimental Facilities and Scientific Projects.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the newest results of the investigations in the main scientific centers such as GSI (Darmstadt, Germany), GANIL (Caen, France), RIKEN (Wako-shi, Japan), MSU (Michigan, USA), and JINR (Dubna, Russia).

  • Light Exotic Nucley and Nuclear Structure:
    • Few-Body Models of Light Nuclei (S N Ershov, J S Vaagen and M V Zhukov)
    • Momentum Distributions in Stripping Reactions of Halo Nuclei on Light Targets (V E Pafomov, V A Sergeev and V P Zavarzina)
    • Sub-Barrier Fusion: Does Rearrangement of Neutrons Play a Role? (A V Karpov, V A Rachkov, A Adel, A S. Denikin and V I Zagrebaev)
    • Influence of Heavy Targets and Compound Nuclei on Fusion Excitation Function Mechanism (A A Hassan and Abdulla A Zahrani)
  • Superheavy Elements. Synthesis and Properties:
    • Outstanding Problems of Nuclear Physics (W Greiner)
    • Exotic Nuclei and Matter in a Chirally Effective Approach (S Schramm)
    • Chemical Pseudo-Homologues of Superheavy Element 113 (Yu A Demidov and A Zaitsevskii)
    • Possibility of Synthesizing a Superheavy Nucleus at the Center of Island of Stability (Y Aritomo)
  • Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Decay. Rare Processes:
    • Dynamical Aspects of Quasifission Process in Heavy-Ion-Induced Reactions (G N Knyazheva, I M Itkis and E M Kozulin)
    • Study of Shape Isomeric States in Fission Fragments (Yu V Pyatkov, D V Kamanin, A A Alexandrov, I A Alexandrova, N A Kondtatyev, E A Kuznetsova, A O Strekalovsky, O V Strekalovsky, V E Zhuchko and N Mkaza)
    • A Non-Equilibrium Equation of State in Heavy-Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies (A T D'yachenko, K A Gridnev, I A Mitropolsky and W Greiner)
    • The Twin Exotic Quasiparticles (V A Skvortsov and N I Vogel)
  • Scientific Projects & Experimental Facilities:
    • Riken RI Beam Factory, Harvest Time (H En'yo)
    • The Alto Facility (F Ibrahim, F Azaiez, S Essabaa, D Verney, M Cheikh Mhamed, S Franchoo, C Lau, R Li, B Roussière, A Said, S Tusseau-Nenez, D Testov, Yu Penionzhkevich, V Smirnov and E Sokol)
    • Status of Acculinna-2 Project (L Grigorenko, A Fomichev and S Krupko)
    • Magnetic Analyzer MAVR for Study Exotic Weakly Bound Nuclei (V A Maslov, V I Kazacha, I V Kolesov, S M Lukyanov, V N Melnikov, N F Osipov, Yu E Penionzhkevich, N K Skobelev, Yu G Sobolev and E I Voskoboinik)
  • and other papers

Readership: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students, and physicists working in the field of nuclear physics.