Fundamental & Applied Problems Of Terahertz Devices And Technologies: Selected Papers From The Russia-japan-usa Symposium (Rjus Teratech-2014)

Fundamental & Applied Problems Of Terahertz Devices And Technologies: Selected Papers From The Russia-japan-usa Symposium (Rjus Teratech-2014)

Selected Papers from the Russia–Japan–USA Symposium (RJUS TeraTech-2014)

Michael Shur


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This book brings together seven selected best papers presented at the 2014 Russia–Japan–USA Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Problems of Terahertz Devices and Technologies (RJUS TeraTech-2014), which was held at the University of Buffalo, New York, USA on 17–21 June 2014.

As the third in the series of annual meetings, RJUS TeraTech-2014 continues to be an excellent platform for researchers to exchange their recent original results, and to deal with the technical challenges and barriers of transitioning the research results into the THz system-level applications. The symposium focuses on 2 main areas, namely, interaction of THz radiation with micro- and nano-structures, and advanced solid-state THz emitters and sensors. Leading experts from academia, industry, and government agencies from three countries, including USA, Japan, and Russia, contributed to the collection of research results and developments.

This book, covering issues ranging from basic Thz-related phenomena to applications in sensing, imaging, and communications, contains some ground-breaking works in the industry, and will be a useful reference for device and electronics engineers and scientists.

  • Terahertz Sensing Technology (M Shur)
  • Detection of Terahertz Radiation by Dense Arrays of InGaAs Transistors (D M Yermolayev, E A Polushkin, S Yu Shapoval, V V Popov, K V Marem′yanin, V I Gavrilenko, N A Maleev, V M Ustinov, V E Zemlyakov, V I Yegorkin, V A Bespalov, A V Muravjov, S L Rumyantsev and M S Shur)
  • Investigation and Fabrication of the Semiconductor Devices Based on Metamorphic InAlAs/InGaAs/InAlAs Nanoheterostructures for THz Applications (D V Lavrukhin, A E Yachmenev, R R Galiev, A S Bugaev, Y V Fedorov, R A Khabibullin, D S Ponomarev and P P Maltsev)
  • Peculiarity of Terahertz Waves Scattering (I N Dolganova, S O Yurchenko, V E Karasik and V P Budak)
  • Rashba Effect and Beating Patterns in the THz Magneto-Photoresponse of a HgTe-Based Two-Dimensional Electron Gas (M Pakmehr, C Brüne, H Buhmann, L W Molenkamp and B D McCombe)
  • Characterization of High Mobility InAlAs/InGaAs/InAlAs Composite Channels by THz Magneto-Photoresponse Spectroscopy (M Pakmehr, B D McCombe, O Chiatti, S F Fischer, Ch Heyn and W Hansen)
  • Quantum Dot Solar Cells with Nanoscale Barriers Around Dots: Experiment and Two-Diode Model Analysis (Y Li, A Sergeev, N Vagidov, V Mitin and K Sablon)

Readership: Scientists, engineers and researchers interested in terahertz materials, devices, systems and applications, as well as graduate students working on terahertz science and technology.