Technical Fundamentals of Radiology and CT

Technical Fundamentals of Radiology and CT

Guillermo Avendaño Cervantes


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Technical Fundamentals of Radiology and CT is intended to cover all issues related to radiology and computed tomography, from the technological point of view, both for understanding the operation of all devices involved and for their maintenance. It is intended for students and a wide range of professionals working in various fields of radiology, those who take images and know little about the workings of the devices, and professionals who install, maintain and solve technological problems of all radiological systems used in health institutions.

Additionally, the author provides students of biomedical and related technologies such as biomedical engineers the knowledge he has accumulated over many years to maintain, repair, calibrate and install x-ray equipment in all its varieties, in part due to the technical work he developed in leading companies. Having developed many specialized courses, this book has been written taking special care to correctly explain and share the experiences acquired in all the technical aspects of radiology.


Guillermo Avendaño Cervantes:
University of Valparaiso, Chile