Restoring, Recycling, or Donating a Piano

Restoring, Recycling, or Donating a Piano

Larry Fine


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The Piano Buyer Essentials Series brings together in one place the very best and most important articles from our 30 years of publishing on the subject of buying and owning a piano. Each e-book is a compilation of articles from current and past issues of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, a semiannual consumer publication devoted to the purchase of new, used, and restored acoustic pianos and digital pianos. The e-books may also contain excerpts from The Piano Book, by Larry Fine, and from pieces published only on For reader convenience, articles and excerpts have been grouped by subject. However, because some pieces apply to more than one subject, there is some duplication of articles among the e-books in the series.


Larry Fine:
Larry Fine is author of The Piano Book, and editor of the semiannual Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, together the standard consumer references in the piano industry for the past 30 years. A Registered Piano Technician, Fine has been involved in the piano industry for more than 40 years. He lives in San Diego, California.