When Bubbles Burst

When Bubbles Burst

Surviving the Financial Fallout

John P. Calverley


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Surviving the financial fallout

John Calverley's new book is about understanding what's going on, how policy impinges on it, what investors can do and what is likely to happen. This extremely topical and timely new book from the well-known economist and Head of Research, Standard Chartered Bank is the first book to examine in depth the financial fallout of 2008 and explore the implications and solutions for individuals, companies and central banks.

His previous book, Bubbles and How to Survive Them predicted the current financial situation. He warned vigorously of the danger from the housing bubble and warned that stock prices might take off again and reach vulnerable levels (as indeed occurred in 2006-7.) This essential readable, non-technical guide is essential reading for everyone and particularly for investment professionals everywhere.

In this new book - an investor's survival kit - he:
* Outlines the crises we now face and reviews how we got here.
* Looks closely at the huge housing bubbles in UK and the US, as well as those in Australia, Spain, Japan and Hong Kong.
* Explores the anatomy of bubbles and presents a checklist for identifying them.
* Tells the story of how the housing bubble led to the current financial crisis and how far prices might fall, focusing on household debt as the value of household assets collapse.
* Examines strategies for investors, who must try to avoid bubbles or, more dangerously, seek them out and ride them.
* Reveals what will happen next.