How We See It and How We Use It

Michael Mark Woolfson


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Colour makes our lives more interesting — how dull it would be in a black-and-white world! It pleases us aesthetically, entertains us and is useful to us. This unique book aims to describe the scientific nature of colour and light, and how we see it, in an accessible and easily understandable style. The evolution of the eye, science of colour and technical visual systems are all broken down into readable chapters, with clear images and illustrations provided for reference. The book then goes on to discuss the innate tendency of humankind to produce artistic works as conceived, realised and augmented through the use of colour. Focussing on broad forms of artistic entertainment — painting with pigments and dyes, colour and light in photography and cinematography, light displays and colour in television — this book then delivers a comprehensive review of what colour means and has meant in the creative arts.

  • Eyes
  • The Evolution of the Eye
  • The Science of Colour
  • The Range of Colour
  • The Visual System and Colour
  • Perceived Colour and Environment
  • Painting and Painting Pigments
  • The Development of Dyes
  • Colouring Pottery and Glass
  • Projected Coloured Images
  • Early Colour Photography
  • Colour Photography
  • Colour Cinematography
  • Colour Television
  • Coloured Light Displays
  • Practical Uses of Colour

Readership: General readership, physicists interested in the colour science, opthalmologists, art historians.