Guide to the Crew of Titanic

Guide to the Crew of Titanic

The Structure of Working Aboard the Legendary Liner

Günter Bäbler


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Much has been written about Titanic, the British passenger liner that sank on her maiden voyage after a collision with an iceberg in 1912; however, until now little mention has been made about the intricate world of the ship’s complement, which comprised more than the total of third-class passengers alone. Titanic researcher Günter Bäbler examines in detail the working structure of the crew, including the complex arrangement of the engineering department and information on tips, salaries and hidden bonuses, while each of the 899 crew members on board is mentioned. This valuable study breathes life into the forgotten but significant story of the ship and its relationship to its crew, of whom over 75 per cent died when Titanic sank.


Günter Bäbler:
Günter Bäbler is co-founder of the Swiss Titanic Society and its president since 1998. He has published countless articles for the magazine Titanic Post and other societies and written books on the Swiss passengers and crew. He has thousands of Titanic-related books and photographs.