Supporting the Mental Health of Children in Care

Supporting the Mental Health of Children in Care

Evidence-Based Practice

Jeune Guishard-Pine, Suzanne McCall, Jenny Pearce, Gail Coleman-Oluwabusola, Siobain Bonfield


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Combining contemporary research with practice findings, this book shows how we can improve the mental health of children in care.

Expert contributors highlight the challenges that children face and propose innovative models of practice which have been proven to improve outcomes. The book describes the difficulties children in care commonly encounter, such as vulnerability to self-harm, substance misuse or inappropriate sexual behaviour. It goes on to explore therapeutic interventions, such as art therapy or integrative therapy, which can be used to address the root of these behaviours. With a range of clinical and practical perspectives, it also makes recommendations for further training for foster carers, for reinforcing professional support networks and for all agencies to have a developed understanding of cultural considerations when working with children in care.

Those committed to improving the mental health of children and young people in care, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, CAMHS professionals and social workers, will find this book an invaluable source of evidence and inspiration.


Jeune Guishard-Pine:
Jeune Guishard-Pine OBE is a chartered psychologist with significant experience and specialism in child and family psychology. She is currently Consultant Psychologist and Director of Bespoke Psychology.

Suzanne McCall is a counsellor at the Luton Family Consultation Clinic working with adolescents, parents and foster carers and also works from her own private practice. She was previously a qualified social worker with over ten years of experience working with children in care and children in need and at risk.

Gail Coleman-Oluwabusola is clinical lead for the Family Drug and Alcohol Court in Wakefield and previously worked as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in a secure adolescent inpatient setting. Gail is also an honorary lecturer within the Clinical Psychology Unit at Sheffield University.