New Trends In Differential Equations, Control Theory And Optimization - Proceedings Of The 8th Congress Of Romanian Mathematicians

New Trends In Differential Equations, Control Theory And Optimization - Proceedings Of The 8th Congress Of Romanian Mathematicians

Proceedings of the 8th Congress of Romanian Mathematicians

Viorel Barbu, Cătălin Lefter, Ioan I Vrabie


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The volume contains a collection of original papers and surveys in various areas of Differential Equations, Control Theory and Optimization written by well-known specialists and is thus useful for PhD students and researchers in applied mathematics.

  • Dirichlet Problems with Mean Curvature Operator in Minkowski Space (Cristian Bereanu, Petru Jebelean and Călin Şerban)
  • Free Boundary Fluid-Elasticity Interactions: Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis (Lorena Bociu and Kristina Martin)
  • Non-Smooth Regularization of a Forward-Backward Parabolic Equation (Elena Bonetti, Pierluigi Colli and Giuseppe Tomassetti)
  • Approaching Monotone Inclusion Problems via Second Order Dynamical Systems with Linear and Anisotropic Damping (Radu Ioan Boţ and Ernö Robert Csetnek)
  • On the Solutions of a Quadratic Integral Inclusion (Aurelian Cernea)
  • On the Bounded and Stabilizing Solution of a Generalized Riccati Differential Equation with Periodic Coefficients Arising in Connection with a Zero Sum Linear Quadratic Stochastic Differential Game (Vasile Dragan and Toader Morozan)
  • A Maximum Principle for a Class of First Order Differential Operators (Maria Fărcăşeanu, Mihai Mihăilescu and Denisa Stancu-Dumitru)
  • Differentiability and Integrability Properties for Solutions to Nonlocal Equations (Mikil Foss and Petronela Radu)
  • Ferroelectric Thin Structures (Antonio Gaudiello and Kamel Hamdache)
  • Sliding Modes for a Phase-Field System (Gianni Gilardi)
  • Uniformly Hyperbolic Viable Sets in Affine IFS (Vasile Glavan and Valeriu Guţu)
  • Some Support Considerations in the Asymptotic Optimality of Two-Scale Controlled PDMP (Dan Goreac and Oana Silvia Serea)
  • Inverse Problems for Control Theory (Mohammed Al Horani and Angelo Favini)
  • On the Ill-Posedness of Active Scalar Equations with Odd Singular Kernels (Igor Kukavica, Vlad Vicol and Fei Wang)
  • Equilibrium in an Individual — Societal SIR Vaccination Model in Presence of Discounting and Finite Vaccination Capacity (Laetitia Laguzet, Gabriel Turinici and Ghozlane Yahiaoui)
  • On Some Minimization Problems in RN (Mihai Mariş)
  • Recent Results on Multiple Periodic Solutions of Forced Relativistic Pendulum-Type Continuous and Discrete Systems (Jean Mawhin)
  • On the Anisotropic Caginalp Phase-Field System with Singular Nonlinear Terms (Alain Miranville)
  • Space, Time, Similarity (Umberto Mosco)
  • Singularly Perturbed Problems for Abstract Differential Equations of Second Order in Hilbert Spaces (Andrei Perjan and Galina Rusu)
  • Global Controllability and Mixing for the Burgers Equation with Localised Finite-Dimensional External Force (Armen Shirikyan)
  • Boundary Observation in Shape Optimization (Dan Tiba)
  • Recent Progress on Steady Gravity Water Waves (Eugen Vărvărucă)

Readership: Researchers in partial differential equations, calculus of variations and optimal control, difference and functional equations.