Multiscale Technologies For Cryomedicine: Implementation From Nano To Macroscale

Multiscale Technologies For Cryomedicine: Implementation From Nano To Macroscale

Implementation from Nano to Macroscale

Xiaoming He, John C Bischof


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The use of micro / nanotechnology in cell and tissue engineering, and especially for cell and tissue preservation, is at the peak of its activity now, with scientific output expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Micro and nanotechnologies have induced paradigm shifts in many scientific fields, and as featured in this edited volume, they are having important impact in the field of cryomedicine. The book gives an overview of the recent progress in implementing multiscale (micro and nanoscale) technologies to improve the outcome of various cryomedical applications including cryosurgery, cryopreservation, lyopreservation and to understand the fundamental engineering and science underpinning the applications.

This is the first book that will provide both an introductory and in-depth account of applying the multiscale technologies in cryomedicine.

  • Macroscale:
    • Enhanced Cryoablative Methodologies (John M Baust, Anthony T Robilitto, Andrew A Gage and John G Baust)
    • Freezing-Induced Changes of Extracellular Matrix and Functional Properties of Engineered Tissues (Soham Ghosh, Seungman Park and Bumsoo Han)
    • Strategies for Overcoming Transport Limitations of Convective Desiccation of Trehalose Solutions for Ambient Temperature Preservation of Biologics (Alexander N Sinkevich, Sankha Bhowmick and Mehdi Raessi)
  • Microscale:
    • Microscale Materials and Devices for Cell Cryopreservation by Vitrification (Haishui Huang and Xiaoming He)
    • Multi-Scale Thermal Conductivity Measurements for Cryobiological Applications (Harishankar Natesan, Jeunghwan Choi, Sean Lubner, Chris Dames and John Bischof)
    • Microscale Thermoelectric Devices for Use with Biosystems (Dinesh Pinisetty and Ram V Devireddy)
    • Microdevices for Measurement of Cell Membrane Biophysical Properties (Gang Zhao, Zhongping Huang and Dayong Gao)
  • Nanoscale:
    • Polymeric Nanoparticles for Cryobiological Applications (Xiaoming He, Wei Rao and Hai Wang)
    • Application of Liposomes in Biopreservation (Luciana da S Cavalcante, Jelena L Holovati and Jason P Acker)
    • Thermal Physical Properties of CPAs with HA Nanoparticles and Their Application in Cryopreservation (Baolin Liu, Fukou Lv and Weijie Li)
    • Use of FTIR Spectroscopy to Study Cells and Tissues During Cryopreservation Processing and Thermal Therapies (Willem F Wolkers and Harriëtte Oldenhof)

Readership: Doctors and specialists in cryoablation and cryosurgery, researchers and professionals in cryopreservation and cryogenics, nanomedicine and medical device researchers.