Demon Sea

Demon Sea

Blood Crown Quest 3

Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore, Jack Lawrence


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We dare you to take on the Red Queen in this choose-your-own-destiny Blood Crown Quest!

The Red Queen has seized the Ruby of Death and raised an army of the dead.
Now, with her husband, the necromancer Mortha, they plan to find the remaining
three rubies and cast a permanent shadow over the world. YOU are a former City Guard,
a member of an elite unit of highly trained warriors. YOUR quest is to find the four Blood
Crown rubies, and use them to defeat the Red Queen and her evil forces. You have already
discovered the Ruby of Power and the Ruby of Seeing. In Demon Sea YOU must fly on the
back of your gryphon to the Sea of Oblivion in the west. There you must find the Ruby of Magic,
before the Red Queen can track it down. You are the hero of this book.
Only you can decide your own destiny...

Hot spin-off from the I HERO series, which has now sold over 80,000 copies! YOU are pitted against the evil Red Queen and her dark minions as she attempts to collect four rubies to rebuild the Blood Crown. Written by the award-winning 2Steves!