Pattern Recognition And Big Data

Pattern Recognition And Big Data

Amita Pal, Sankar K Pal


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Containing twenty six contributions by experts from all over the world, this book presents both research and review material describing the evolution and recent developments of various pattern recognition methodologies, ranging from statistical, linguistic, fuzzy-set-theoretic, neural, evolutionary computing and rough-set-theoretic to hybrid soft computing, with significant real-life applications.

Pattern Recognition and Big Data provides state-of-the-art classical and modern approaches to pattern recognition and mining, with extensive real life applications. The book describes efficient soft and robust machine learning algorithms and granular computing techniques for data mining and knowledge discovery; and the issues associated with handling Big Data. Application domains considered include bioinformatics, cognitive machines (or machine mind developments), biometrics, computer vision, the e-nose, remote sensing and social network analysis.

EditorAmitaPal,EditorSankar KPal0Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Soft Computing, Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Granular Computing, Bioinformatics, Biometry, Social Networks, Cognitive Machine, Remote Sensing, Big Data0