Instant Pot® Obsession

Instant Pot® Obsession

The Ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Cooking Everything Fast

Janet A. Zimmerman


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Selling Points: • The Instant Pot is the #1 most popular kitchen appliance right now • There is only one professionally-published Instant Pot cookbook in existence, and we published it. Per Bookscan, it’s sold over 12,000 copies since publishing April 6, 2016 (that’s less than 4 months) • There is a large, active, and vocal online Facebook community of Instant Pot users. It has over 91,000 members. Members frequently ask for recommendations for their favorite electric pressure cooker cookbooks. • The Instant Pot company is aware of this cookbook and has agreed to do a promotional post to its community when it publishes Audience: • Instant Pot users who are crazy for the appliance and more recipes for it • Instant Pot users who want insight into how to make the most of the IP. • Similar to slow cooker users, most of the audience consists of moms of young families and older duos looking to make big meals in a short period of time, often freezing leftovers for later use • Young singles and couples who don't want to spend a ton of time cooking. • Facebook Instant Pot community Marketing Plans: • Based on our work in support of this year’s bestseller Instant Pot we’ve come to know the "Instant Potheads” very well. • We will be targeting this fan base online with a series of fun contests that gets to the heart of their “obsession” including connecting with the official FB community of Instant Pot to run an “enter to win” decal contests (oh yes, that’s a thing: • Instant Pot is all over the media: • It was Amazon’s top selling product sold on Prime Day 2016:


Janet A. Zimmerman:

JANET A. ZIMMERMAN is the author of The Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook. A longtime pressure cooking enthusiast, she was quickly won over by the ease and convenience of the Instant Pot. For more than 15 years Janet has shared her love of cooking with others as food writer and culinary class instructor. Today she writes, teaches, and pressure cooks in Atlanta, Georgia.