The Feng Shui of Abundance

The Feng Shui of Abundance

A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Attracting Wealth Into Your Life

Suzan Hilton


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Money is more than a bank balance; it’s a reflection of the overall abundance in your life. Now, a CPA and feng shui practitioner presents an unusual and valuable application of the ancient Eastern tradition of feng shui. Delving into all of the life forces that affect financial health, The Feng Shui of Abundance is not just a monetary makeover; it is a whole-being program whose benefits include:

• Locating the wealth area of your office or home
• Dislodging clogged energy in your career
• Drawing on the five currents of the “River of Gold” to address debt, personal spending, and your own potential for abundance
• Creating a financial plan that speaks to your dreams and desires

A liberating book for those who feel financially “trapped,” and for anyone who wants to achieve his or her potential, The Feng Shui of Abundance incorporates all three feng shui aspects—wind, water, and energy—unleashing the forces that control true wealth, creating clearer harmony between your money, goals, and dreams. This is the perfect handbook for anyone seeking genuine peace of mind as well as financial prosperity.


Suzan Hilton:
Suzan Hilton is a former certified public accountant who worked her way up from small accounting firms to large international ones. She now works with people to transform their homes and office spaces. Hilton lives just outside of Portland, Oregon.