Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Your Protection Against Exercise Fatigue, Weakened Immunity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Aging, Diabetic Damage, Environmental Toxins

Ruth Winter


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The latest scientific reports show vitamin E as an effective shield against heart disease, cancer, and problems associated with aging. 
In this important new book, Ruth Winter presents the fascinating history and current scientific excitement about this inexpensive, vital, and formerly unappreciated vitamin.
-How the antioxidant effects of vitamin E work to protect the body against disease and aging
-How vitamin E helps to build muscle and strengthen the heart
-The beneficial effects of vitamin E on the skin
-The documented effects of vitamin E for preventing impotence and maintaining fertility
-The best ways to incorporate vitamin E into your diet
Here is everything you need to know about vitamin E and how medical science has documented its use for maintaining health and vitality.


Ruth Winter:
Ruth Winter, M.S., has written extensively on consumer health and pharmaceuticals. Her previous books include A Consumer’s Dictionary of Medicines, A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives, and Anti-Aging Hormones. She lives in Short Hills, New Jersey.