How to Pass as Human

How to Pass as Human

Nic Kelman


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How to Pass as Human is an attempt on the part of the world's first android to understand the irrational, unpredictable, eclectic creatures known as human beings. Written in the form of a field guide, complete with sketches, graphs, flowcharts, and other reference materials, Android Zero (aka "Zach") has compiled a variety of useful information for future androids on how to pass undetected as human beings. Along the way, he also attempts to solve the mystery of his own creation with the help of Andrea, a human female who has taken an interest in him that may be more than friendly, and eventually leading him to "meet his maker" and discover the surprising purpose of his existence.


Nic Kelman:
Kelman was born to an American father and British mother and was raised in both nations. Kelman attended The Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Science and Minored in Film and Media Studies. Although he was part of the Class of 1994, he graduated early in 1993. He then attended Brown University where he received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing-Fiction. Kelman's first novel, girls, was a San Francisco Chronicle and New York Journal News Best Book of the Year when it was published in hardcover by Little, Brown and Company in 2003. In 2011, Kelman's first screenplay, "Genneris," was purchased by Steven Spielberg at Dreamworks Studios. Since then, Kelman has also written original screenplays for other major studios and directors including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Roland Emmerich. The author lives in Los Angeles, CA..