TIME 100 New Scientific Discoveries

TIME 100 New Scientific Discoveries

Fascinating, Momentous and Mind-Expanding Breakthroughs


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In the latest of TIME's extraordinary volumes on scientific discoveries, this special edition curates the 100 most impactful recent breakthroughs across 10 disciplines. Through sharp photos and TIME's peerless reporting, readers will explore the most captivating news and revelations in technology, botany, archaeology, genetics, zoology, the Earth, the mind, the cosmos, medicine and chemistry.

Among the highlights:

  • How to curb Alzheimer's disease with small lifestyle changes
  • Controversial findings about newfound human ancestors known as the Hobbits
  • High-tech solutions to diabetes care
  • The gene-editng technique known as CRISPR, and the ethical questions behind it
  • Why the plight of the honeybee matters