Child Abuse Pocket Atlas, Volume 5

Child Abuse Pocket Atlas, Volume 5

Child Fatality and Neglect

Randell Alexander, MD, PhD


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300 pages, 646 images, 11 contributors This new pocket atlas, part 5 of an ongoing series on child abuse, is designed specifically for professionals involved in the investigation of child death, both intentional and unintentional. Readers in law enforcement, medicine, and other readers professionally involved in child death investigation will find this convenient resource essential to their work in the field. Child Abuse Pocket Atlas Series, Volume 5: Child Fatality and Neglect is a vital tool for any and all members of the child fatality review team, who will benefit both from its comprehensive content and from its convenient and accessible design.


Randell Alexander, MD, PhD:
Randell Alexander, MD, PhD is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Florida and the Morehouse School of Medicine and has served on several state child death review committees. He is an active researcher, lectures widely, and testifies frequently in major child abuse cases throughout the country.