Permaculture for the Rest of Us

Permaculture for the Rest of Us

Abundant Living on Less than an Acre

Jenni Blackmore


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  • Permaculture for the Rest of Us is an encouragement manual for anyone interested in enjoying a sustainable lifestyle
  • The book describes how to retrofit even the smallest homestead using the ethics and principles of permaculture
  • It outlines how to succeed in the most adverse conditions: wind-swept, rocky soil, short summers
  • The anecdotal text emphasizes the message "if we could do it, you surely can" while describing the successes and failures which led to the creation of QuackaDoodle Farm
  • All the information comes from years of hands-on experience and relates to a single location
  • Permaculture for the Rest of Us uses mistakes and failures as valuable teaching tools, with the intent of saving others from getting bogged down by similar mistakes and disappointments
  • The author is now certified as a permaculture design consultant
  • She is the author of the children's books The Fisherman and His Wife (McGraw-Hill Ryerson) and Gully Goes to Halifax (Pegasus Publishing), and an adult fiction book Counting Crows (Roseway Publishing)
  • Permaculture for the Rest of Us differs from other books in that that it is an intimate account of a retrofit which succeeds despite adverse climate and conditions.