Foucault Against Himself

Foucault Against Himself

François Caillat, Leo Bersani, Georges Didi-Huberman, Arlette Farge, Geoffroy de Lagasnerie


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  • A new book of essays and interviews on Michel Foucault (1926-1984), the French philosopher and social theorist. He is best known for his theories around the relationship between power and knowledge, especially in how they are used as a form of social control through institutions.
  • This book, based on a documentary film, is no ordinary academic commentary about Foucault; François Caillat, the film’s director, demonstrates how conflict within the self lies at the heart of Foucault’s life and work. Four leading contemporary critics and philosophers, including the esteemed Leo Bersani and Georges Didi-Huberman, weigh in on Foucault’s life and his legacy, showing how his internal conflicts motivated and drove much of his work on how society’s structures function.
  • It should go without saying that Foucault, a post-structuralist, is arguably the most important philosopher of the last century; his work is regularly studied and discussed around the world. This book is a worthy addition to the canon of work on Foucault’s ideas and theories.
  • Foucault is also credited with providing the foundation for what is now queer theory; Bersani’s essay positions Foucault’s work in a queer context.

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