Post-Nup Solution

Post-Nup Solution

How to Save a Marriage in Crisis—Or End It Fairly

Tom Gardiner


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Having trouble in your marriage? This book is for you. Tom Gardiner, a Chicago lawyer, explains how post-nuptial agreements can address marital problems effectively. Unlike counseling that often is no more than a temporary fix, this book talks about agreements that will result in long-term change. If your spouse drinks too much, for instance, you both agree in a legally binding document about the changes that need to occur—and the consequences if they don't.

There is another huge advantage to post-nups. If the behavior is not changed and divorce is triggered, the terms were set when the parties were both seeking to save the marriage—not when they're going through an acrimonious break-up. These terms are usually reasonable and fair—who gets the kids and when, a fair amount of alimony for a fair term, division of the property—all because the spouses are seeking a solution at the time.

This book covers the human frailties that can cause problems in a marriage: financial problems, drinking, drug use, cheating, blended families, in-law problems, inheritance, religious issues and so on. It is a book not just for couples, but for therapists, religious leaders and others who seek to make marriages stronger and divorces civilized and fair.


Tom Gardiner:
Tom Gardiner is a prominent Chicago attorney and the head of the well-known legal firm Gardiner Koch Weisberg & Wrona. He was selected Illinois Super Lawyer eight years running, and has taught at various Chicago-area law schools. His articles have been published in the Chicago Tribune, Screen magazine, and the ABA Journal.