Discovering the Hidden Wisdom of The Little Prince

Discovering the Hidden Wisdom of The Little Prince

In Search of Saint-Exupéry's Lost Child

Pierre Lassus


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  • The Little Prince is one of the most beloved works ever published and has sold over 200 million copies in 270 languages; it is the fourth best-selling book of all time, and sales of various HMH editions in the US since 2000 approach 2 million copies.

  • Part of the appeal of this classic is that that, while seeming incredibly wise and so simple it's read as a children's book, its meaning is also elusive and its origins mysterious; In Search of the Little Prince provides answers, by finding its essential meaning refracted in the childhood and life experience of the aristocratic pilot, adventurer, and World War Two hero who was its author.

  • Pierre Lassus is a child psychologist and author of a number of works about the consequences of violence visited on children.

  • The Netflix release of the new movie directed by Mark Osborne based on The Little Prince shows how immensely popular the book remains more than seventy years after it was first published, and its popularity will only grow thanks to the movie and its marketing.

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