Sermons on Several Occasions (Volume I)

Sermons on Several Occasions (Volume I)

John Wesley


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When John Wesley (1703-1791) was rescued from a burning rectory at five years old, he felt that he was saved for a reason. This incensed in him a feeling of purpose which greatly fueled his pursuit of spreading Methodist ideals and messages of faith. Wesley was a major proponent of Christian Perfection, the idea of having the most supreme love for god, thus elevating one's existence. His "Sermons on Several Occasions" is a collection of over 140 sermons, compiled into five series. The first series is Wesley's interpretation of what the Bible says concerning the way to heaven, the second concerns important Christian doctrines and practices. The final three series were published without Wesley's knowledge and therefore have no topical arrangement, and may even be of questionable authorship. Regardless, the collection is a significant representation of Wesley's views on love, death, faith and even natural disaster. Contained in this edition is the first volume of Wesley's "Sermons on Several Occasions".